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Hobby Shops

Hobby sheds used for anything from woodworking to auto restoration, built with plenty of space for work, tools, parts and other storage.​

Your personal hobby shop or shed pole barn plans should complement other buildings on your property. We’ll construct the perfect garage or work space, while providing plenty of storage for your grown-up toys and supplies. Silloway Builders also offers customized design options for your specific hobbies, such as woodworking, auto restoration or any hobby you enjoy.

Light Commercial

Pole barn buildings for marine businesses, business storefronts, boat storage, mini-warehouse buildings and more.

Pole barn buildings have become very popular with small businesses due to the wide variety of pole barn designs available. Pole barns can be the most affordable construction choice, without skimping on quality construction or durability. Pole barn metal buildings require less construction time, saving both time and money. We can easily customize our designs to fit your needs.

Equine Buildings

Pole barns for horses, special stables, including all-weather loafing sheds; special metal pole barn buildings for small tackle and storage.

When designing pole barn equine buildings for personal enjoyment or for business, we take many factors into consideration. We combine any practical elements necessary to make your space useful. This can include adding stalls, riding areas, outdoor shelters, loafing sheds, grooming areas, tackle, storage or even built-in living quarters. Whatever your equine building needs are, we can meet them.

Farm Buildings

Farm workshops, equipment sheds, storage buildings, pole barn outbuildings, loafing sheds, maintenance buildings and equipment repair space.

Pole barns and buildings for farming cover a wide range of uses, shapes and sizes. Storage buildings might be used for equipment, farm machinery, feed or planting and other supplies. Other buildings might house space for vehicle and equipment maintenance, livestock or commodities. The specifications for any of these types of can be custom designed and constructed to your specific needs and built in less time than other types of farm buildings.

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