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Whether you’re looking for a general contractor or need to contract the builders for a section of a project, Silloway Builders, Inc. accommodates to your needs.


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  • Equine Pole Sheds
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  • Hobby Sheds

Contract with Silloway Builders, Inc.

Make James Silloway your general contractor and the Silloway Builders, Inc. take care of the rest. From retrieving the appropriate permits to designing and constructing your building, Silloway Builders, Inc. makes the process easy. With a reputation based on quality, only the best materials are used in the construction of your building. Our construction material comes from high quality local lumber yards. For our quality construction services call us today at (920)361-2956!


Silloway Builders, Inc. also constructs residential buildings. If you are interested in more information about our residential constructions, contact us today!